New Single: FRIENDS (feat. Hilliard), is available now!

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Let the Music Tell the Story

The Wonderlands are a 5-piece collective headed by Miles Jena and Adam Steele. The guys met as teenagers in church and have been out to conquer every stage since. They have joined forces with their friends Jill Gavigan, Derek Johnson, and Patrick Oakes to play well-blended fusion of music inspired by genres spanning from jazz to alt-rock. The Wonderlands is a creative outlet for everyone in the band. It is meant to be a canvas for the musicians to paint all over. Adam and Miles are inspired for the search for ultimate truth, which comes though heavily in the lyrics of their music.

This is a time of growth, both in life and in music for the band and especially the two front men. They have been able to accomplish a lot in the past 6 years (churches, coffee shops, local festivals, and now a studio album) but this is just the beginning. They aim to sing loudly, ask questions, and maybe make a few friends along the way. They invite you to join them on the journey through the wonderlands.



Cincinnati, Ohio

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